Presentations & Workshops

Nicole Melanson School Poetry Workshop Presentation

I am a passionate believer that poetry offers something for everyone. In my presentations, I prize accessibility and aim to demystify the process of both reading and writing poems. In practice, this means considering individual work not just in terms of meaning and emotional impact, but also with regards to structure and style. It’s a bit like taking someone to a puppet show and teaching them to see the strings.

Poetry is more than just ideas and words. I encourage my students to approach poetry using all their senses. As a teacher, I like to incorporate lots of visual aids, music, movement, and even fragrance when appropriate. This not only makes for a more interesting workshop, it helps students learn to make a connection between their voices and their environment.

As the mother to five wildly different boys, I appreciate that there are many ways to learn and an infinite number of unique stories to be told. My presentations and workshops are as interactive and collaborative as possible. My goal is not to tell developing poets how to read and write but to give them the tools they need to interpret the world around them and share those interpretations with others.

Interested in having me visit? I charge industry-standard rates and am available for as little as an hour up to a full-day session. Please get in touch so we can discuss your needs and design a suitable program together.