Opportunities for Writers Who Are Carers

The following is a list of opportunities available to authors in a care-giving role.

* Inclusion here does not equal endorsement. Please do your own research before applying.

All links are current as of August 2020. If you find a non-working link, or if you know an opportunity that should be added to / deleted from this list, please let me know.

Thank you!

— Nicole Melanson


The Mini-Writer’s Retreat for Carers (Ireland)

The Mini-Writer’s Retreat for Carers Bursary aims to support writers who, due to their role as carer, find it difficult to find time for writing. You may be a son caring for an elderly parent, a working mother with school-going kids, a spouse caring for a long-term ill partner or a person supporting a sibling with a disability. If you feel you would benefit from a three-night writer’s retreat at Greywood Arts, please consider applying for this opportunity. We have two up for grabs.

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