About me

My favorite smells are chlorine, sunblock, bug spray, and pine, but I prefer being indoors to out.

I don’t own a pair of shorts or any shirts with buttons.

I rearrange furniture and label things when I’m stressed.

All my favorite consumables start with C: cookies, coffee, coriander, chowder, croissants, cocktails, cheese.

I spent less than 100 days with my husband before we married. That was 17 years, 3 countries, and 5 young sons ago!

I am never without white Tic Tacs and a tape measure.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Five little boys! Wow . . . I had three (many years ago) and that seemed to be quite a handful.
    Very happy to have connected and look forward to speaking soon. Just fyi, I am originally British and worked in book publishing in London before emigrating to Australia in 1990.
    V impressed with all that you are involved in.

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    • Hi Jennie, yes, it’s all action around here! But we do love our books, too. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and sharing more about your background. I can’t wait to feature you on WordMothers and hear about your work at Room to Read!


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