Literary Journals with a Healing Focus

The following is a list of literary journals publishing work on healing, recovery, rehabilitation, health, or wellness. These publications have a creative (rather than lifestyle) focus.

* Inclusion here does not equal endorsement. Please do your own research before submitting.

All links are current as of Nov ember 2022. If you find a non-working link, or if you know an opportunity that should be added to / deleted from this list, please let me know.

Thank you!

— Nicole Melanson


Recovering the Self

Recovering the Self is a new quarterly literary journal dedicated to “telling empowering stories of life in contemporary times.”  Our editorial focus allows us to publish short stories, essays, poems, memoir, history, and art.


r.kv.r.y. quarterly literary journal

The focus of r.kv.r.y. is pretty much what it says it is: recovery. So the subject matter focus is pretty wide open—people’s recovery from limitations or oppression of any kind. Political, ecological (we did an issue on natural disasters), familial, physical. It’s a journal of hope and reconciliation with a focus on overcoming obstacles.



Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing is aimed to be the premier online literary journal for writers, photographers, and all who are looking to creativity as a way to process and express the healing journey.


Switchgrass Review

Switchgrass Review is a literary health journal. We welcome submissions of poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction from all persons about any subject matter related to health in its diverse, intersecting, and broad scope, such as environmental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We are especially interested in submissions from women, persons of color, and LGBTQIAP+ persons. We enjoy diverse styles, and welcome bilingual work and work in translation.


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