Query & Pitch Support

Are you confident in your work, but unsure how to pitch it?

Perhaps your cover letter reads like a novel itself.

Maybe it feels like you’re coming unstuck on your synopsis.

Or, it could just be that you have no idea how to write your own 3rd-person bio.

Having run WordMothers since 2015, I have read a LOT of pitches. Some of them nail it straightaway. Others put me off in the first line.

Small mistakes can have a huge impact on an editor, agent, or publisher. I’m not talking about tiny errors in spelling or grammar so much as querying the wrong person, failing to include key information, and misrepresenting the scope, tone, or even genre of a manuscript.

I appreciate that synopses can feel like the most joyless aspect of the writing process for many authors. It’s hard to take your own artistic vision and compress it into a couple of paragraphs, which is where an outside perspective can help. Let me take a look at what you’ve written and make sure you’re capturing not just plot points but the essence of your manuscript as well.

Lastly, don’t overlook the marketing potential of your bio. It may be only 50 words, but it can pack a punch in terms of telling others who you are as a writer and showcasing what you have to offer. I’d love to help you whittle it down to the sharpest piece of advertising copy you can buy.

Interested? Please get in touch and tell me more about your needs.

I look forward to working with you!

– Nicole

Nicole Melanson - Writer, Poet, Editor of WordMothers