Literary Agents Seeking Disability Diversity

The following is a list of literary agents who have recently expressed interest in representing disabled authors and / or work about disability, including mental illness.

This list is largely a compilation of tweets on the hashtag #MSWL, corresponding to the wonderful Manuscript Wish List site.

#Disability is an evergreen wish for many agents, meaning there’s a clear gap in queries that they’re hoping to fill.

#OwnVoices = your firsthand experience directly informs your creative work ie. you identify as having the disability you’re writing about.

#WNDV = We Need Diverse Voices — inclusive of disability, mental illness, neurodiversity etc.

NB: If the agent who catches your eye is currently closed to queries, you may find someone else at the same agency with similar interests.

* Inclusion here does not equal endorsement. Please do your own research before querying.

All links are current as of August 2020. If you know an agent who should be added to / deleted from this list, please let me know.

Thank you!

— Nicole Melanson


Crandall, Becca (Carolyn Jenks Agency)

“Happy 14 years of being a type 1 diabetic to me!!! With my agency’s recent relaunch, I guess it’s a good time to note I’d love to see some manuscripts with type 1 diabetic protagonists – or chronic illness, disability, neurodiversity rep in general. #mswl”


Cusick, John (Folio Literary Management)

“I get a lot of great queries from marginalized voices (thank you, keep them coming!!), and one gap I’ve noticed is characters with disabilities. Define that however you choose, but I want to see more of this kind of representation in kidlit, and on my list specifically. #MSWL”


Dallow, Jess (Brower Literary Management)

“And, of course, I am always looking for stories featuring disability, mental illness, LGBTQ, POC, #ownvoices, different cultures, different religions…INCLUSIVE. #MSWL”


Davis, Naomi (Bookends Literary Agency)

“Picture books (fiction or NF) that show neurodiversity, disability, LGBTQ+ family structures, diaspora or immigrant experiences Adult NF: I’m interested in cookbooks that teach me something new about the world”


Fabien, Samantha S. (Samantha S. Fabien)

“I’m really looking for Black witches/psychics in contemporary fantasy (adult, YA, or MG), plus size MCs, YA and adult thrillers/suspense, and please keep sending these #ownvoices LGBTQIA+ and disability rep books.”


Gilbert, Tara (Jennifer D. Chiara Literary Agency)

“I’d love to see books in MG, YA, Adult with WITCHES. POC voices, LGBTQIA+, Neuro diversity, disabilities, magical realism/realistic with fantastical elements All a plus! #MSWL”


Johnson, Kaitlin (Belcastro Agency)

“I LOVE Fantasy (Urban, Contemporary, Epic, the whole wazoo). Give me lush worlds, fabulous magic systems, diverse and deep cultures. I’d love to see these also grappling with environmental issues or disability/mental health #MSWL”


Marshea, Beth (Ladderbird Literary Agency)

“Just thinking about how few manuscripts I get from folks with disabilities. Friends, if you’re writing, I’m here for you. Send over your best! #mswl”


Lewis, Bibi (Ethan Ellenberg Agency)

“In all ages and genres I am seriously hoping to see more books starring mc’s with disabilities. #ownvoices especially encouraged. I want to see stories that show the full range of life and experiences–joy, accomplishments, ambition, sadness, friendship, love. #MSWL”


Price, Kortney (Raven Quill Literary Agency)

“And on to YA! I’d love a sweet contemporary romance that’s “artsy” or “geeky,” MAJOR bonus points if you have #disability rep in your story #mswl”


Reino, Jessica (Metamorphosis Literary Agency)

“When @MetamorphLitAg opens back up for queries in the new year-very high on my #mswl are holiday romances featuring LGBTQ, POC, characters with disability, chronic illness/invisible illness. #amquerying #writingcommunity can’t wait to see your work!”


Watters, Carly S. (P.S. Literary Agency)

“Something exploring ability/disability#OWNVOICES non-fiction or fiction but my taste skews more commercial, not literary.”


Webber, Carlisle (Fuse Literary Agency)

“24/7/365 I welcome #ownvoices. I welcome all and would especially love stories by&about people of color, with disabilities (esp invisible), who have mental illness, who are LGBTQ, or who are economically disadvantaged #MSWL #wndb”


Wekstein, Samantha (Thompson Literary Agency)

“#MSWL Fat positive, disability positive, body positive in general books!”

5 thoughts on “Literary Agents Seeking Disability Diversity

  1. Hi
    I have been writing a book on wellness , self advocacy as LGBTGQ man who is a speech disorder and an professional health care worker and a patient advocated liaison who has POTS and Diabetes type 1. Challenge as is to find the agent in covid times.


    • Hi Robby, agents handle queries online, so COVID shouldn’t impact that. The only thing I’d caution is that agents are being extra careful which projects they take on and really looking for 1) work with commercial value and 2) authors who can self-promote. But you should finish your book before you look for agents anyway. Good luck! 🙂


  2. HI, I spent 2 hours writing to one of the recommended agents who ‘listen’ to minorities. I explained how my mental health issues have ipacted me and nformed my writing. Her office was ‘open to submissions’.
    I got a short reply. ‘Not open to submissins’.
    When it comes to mental helath issues… same old same old.

    I am going back to applying to agents who do not profess understing of diability, I find the equal treatement better than the hypocrocy.

    Nice to know she is keen on the gendre promouns thng though!

    “I’m sorry, I am not currently open to queries.
    Beth Marshea (She/her)
    Ladderbird Literary Agency”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi R., most agents read in cycles. Some have also slowed due to the pandemic. When I click on Beth’s query link, it says she’s not accepting queries at this time, so I would think it’s less to do with your subject matter and more that you queried outside her submission window.


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