Guest Appearance on “All Men Can” Podcast: Protect Women by Empowering Boys

How can the good guys do their part to make the world safer for women? Anthony & Damien at All Men Can explore exactly this topic and more on their podcast every week.

I’m very privileged to be this week’s special guest discussing where feminism fits into parenting. Have a listen!

I Won a Prize for My Poem, “The Skeleton”

I’m very pleased to announce that I won the $500 Lifeline Award for my entry in the Hunter Writers Centre’s national Grieve Competition.

You can read / listen to my poem, “The Skeleton”, at 50:31 (read by a volunteer).

Also, be sure and check out my favorite piece in the comp, Lisa Jacobson’s “Not Horses, or Mothers”, which quite rightly took one of the top prizes. She’s at 1:06:46.

We Gave Our Car Ozone Therapy

Small ozone generator next to baseball

When you have a weird illness, you inevitably wind up doing weird things to deal with it.

For those of you just joining in, I have neurological issues in response to mold. My entire family does. Take some crappy genes, add some bad exposures and a couple triggering events, and now we all suffer from varying degrees of mold-related illness. It is an annoying problem to have, not least because the learning curve is so steep.

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How Important Is Reading Speed?

Girl with book on face in tree

As a child, I read like a chain-smoker, starting another book the second I finished the first. Everyone always told me what a wonderful reader I was. No one ever told me that I was also really slow.

At university, I merrily cobbled together reading-intensive classes in Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion. Experienced students warned me to reconsider, but I thought I could handle the course load. I adored stories and ideas. I loved immersing myself in different voices. What could be so difficult?

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8 Tips for Writing with Neuro / Cognitive Disability – Part Two

Rainbow puddle

This is the second part of my post on how I finished writing my novel, The Accident, after acquiring a neurological disorder. (If you missed Part One, you can find it here.)

If you have any tricks of your own on writing with cognitive disability, please let me know in the comments—I’m always looking for tips!

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8 Tips for Writing with Neuro / Cognitive Disability – Part One

Mind the gap

We Need Diverse Books from Own Voices, but writers with neuro / cognitive disabilities face the unique challenge of trying to tell stories while dealing with language and processing skills deficits.

When I was writing The Accident—a novel about brain injury—I developed a neurological disorder. How’s that for irony? Here are some of the things that helped me finish despite my new cog fog:

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When Meds Mess with Mental Health

Rain on window

Depression has recently been amplified due to the high-profile suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. I mostly follow literary figures on Twitter and both deaths kicked off a lot of discussion about mental health. Coincidentally, I cracked open Gayle Forman’s I Was Here over the weekend and spent an afternoon reading about a teen girl’s efforts to understand her best friend’s unexpected suicide. So, now seems as good a time as any to talk about what I’m going through with my new medication.

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